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January 13, 2022

f you’ve been on any social media platform you’ve most likely seen, heard about, or clicked on someone’s bio link. The is the one URL that most social platforms let you put on your profile to link your followers and page visitors off to another destination. Since most platforms only allow one link, what you choose to put here is important, especially if you’re trying to grow your audience or promote your business.

At we understand how valuable this real estate is, so we created a way for anyone to build a modern and professional bio link page to easily send visitors to all your important destinations. As the platform has grown we’ve found there to be countless use cases for our users, but we wanted to outline some of the common reasons why you should start using a more powerful bio link for your social media.

Connecting your digital world

When someone finds you online there are numerous reasons they may want to find you on another platform. Think for second about finding a new musician you love on Instagram or TikTok. They may post snippets of their tracks, but you need to find them on your favorite streaming app to save their music to your playlists otherwise you may forget about them. This also applies to streamers, podcasters, YouTubers, and other long form content creators not compatible with short format platforms.

If you don’t have a an easy way for someone to find these other channels, you just missed the chance at a new fan or follower. With your bio link, new and returning visitors can find and follow your other channels with just two clicks.

With your bio link, new and returning visitors can find and follow your other channels with just two clicks. 

Optimized for converting

When a visitor clicks a link on your page they are instantly taken away from the in-app web browser they were on and sent to the relevant app whenever possible. This seamless experience prevents the people from closing your content and getting sucked back in to scrolling through their feed. For the visitors that don't click through, you can include important content right on your page so they will still see your latest song, video, or call to action before they leave.

Taking visitors out of the in-app web browser is also beneficial because if you try linking directly to a service from your bio link that requires logging in such as Spotify, your visitors won't be logged in. Needing to log in instead of going directly to the app creates another step to take for your potential fan to reach your content.

Accessible contact & location

For businesses, having your contact/location information accessible and unified is critical for new customers to connect with you. With you can neatly display contact buttons your customers can click to call, email, or map to your store.

In addition to simply listing your contact information, you can also include an Add to Contact button that lets anyone you meet quickly add you to their network with all your pertinent details. This functionality is perfect for NFC enabled products like our NFC Portals.

Capture names, emails, and phone numbers

Whatever your business consists of, creating a robust customer list is invaluable. With you can capture your visitor's name, email and phone number right from your bio link. This is perfect for businesses to grow their email list or independent agents collecting leads to follow up on. With our powerful Integromat and Zapier integrations this information can be routed to almost any email marketing software or CRM system you can think of to run automations.

SEO Benefits

With our pages get indexed quickly by search engines and tend to rank high in the results list. When people looking for you or your business online find your page they can easily navigate to what they're looking for, even if your website and other social profiles don't show up first.

To ensure your page is as SEO potent as possible make sure to fill out all the profile information including your bio with a description that is relevant to your page.


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