1% Carbon removal initiative

June 5, 2021

Starting today, on World Environment Day, we're happy to announce that we will now be contributing 1% of our total subscription revenues toward removing carbon from the atmosphere in an effort to combat climate change for the years to come.

It is evident that the sustainability of the environment will be of the utmost importance to life as we know it on this planet going forward, and we are glad to be contributing to solving this truly existential issue. 100% of these funds will go toward initiatives that permanently remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and the development of other carbon removal technologies.

In partnership with our payment processor Stripe, we have joined thousands of other businesses in this 1% pledge so that our combined efforts together will have the most significant impact possible. If you run a business on Stripe and would like to start contributing you can learn more at stripe.com/climate, or you can also learn about some of the specific efforts being made.

No single business can create enough demand to scale carbon removal on its own. But the millions of businesses running on Stripe, collectively, can help grow and sustain this new industry.

By committing to a percentage of our revenue, the size of our contribution increases with the size of our platform and the growing community of users sharing their solo.to bio links across social media and elsewhere.

You will know you're contributing directly by checking your future subscription invoices, which will have an indicator that a portion of your purchase is going toward the carbon removal initiative starting today.

New subscribers will see a notice during checkout letting them know that they will be contributing.


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