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June 25, 2022

s a realtor your social media can be a powerful tool to connect you with new and existing clients. Your content can provide insightful information, build trust and familiarity, and encourage people to take the next step in their home buying journey. With this in mind, it’s important to make it as easy and seamless as possible for your followers to connect with you and your content across all your platforms no matter where they find you.

With a bio link, realtors are able to do all this and more. From cross-promoting your social media accounts, to sharing important listing links and content, and even using your page as a digital business card, your bio link will become an important asset for your real estate business. Check out some of the great features we offer for real estate agents below.

Showcase your property listings

Share a curated list of properties with your followers right from your social media account with links and videos for your favorite listings. Display a picture of each property using large custom thumbnails or give an interactive tour with a video or Matterport embed. Visitors can also instantly search your page if they are looking for a specific link.

Introduce yourself with a video

By embedding an introduction video at the top of your page your visitors can quickly learn more about you and how you can help them.

Link people to your realtor profiles

Make it easy for people to find your realtor profiles so they can see a comprehensive view of your information, listings, reviews, and more. With several link slots your visitors can find you on their preferred platform without needing to search around.

Grow your social following

List all your social profiles in one compact area so your followers can find, follow, and engage with you across your entire social network.

List your contact information

Generate leads and offer an easy method of contact with clear buttons at the top of your page. You can list your email, call, and text buttons that work with any device so people can quickly reach out to you.

You can also offer a quick and easy way for people to add you to their contacts with our unique Add button for your page. When added they will get your name, profile picture, contact information, and a link to your page.

Collect & nurture leads

Stay in contact with your followers or generate new leads with a seamless Contact Capture form that can collection your visitor's name, email, and phone number right from your page. The information that gets collected can be sent directly to your preferred email marketing software or CRM to start drip campaigns and more using our Zapier or Make integrations.

Use your own domain

Load all of your pages from your own custom domain (or subdomain) that you already own for your business, giving your potential clients a fully branded experience.

Perfect for large teams

If you have a large team you can create and mange as many link pages as you need all under one account. With our Collaborator Access feature you can give each agent access to their own page so they can make edits and view analytics while you retain admin control.

These links can be the digital business cards for your entire team. They can be used for in-person and online networking, email footers, social media bios, and even printed on physical business cards so you never have to worry about outdated information.


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