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September 18, 2020

ow that your music is on every streaming platform on the Internet, what's next?

Your fans all have a favorite streaming service, but they may have a hard time finding your music if you don't give them a direct link. When you use as your bio link people can find you on any platform you add in just a tap or a click.

Grow Your Audience

Your followers can easily find you on your other social channels with prominent Social Buttons right at the top (or bottom) of your page.

Get More Streams

Link listeners to your page on all the top streaming services with a unique link for each platform. We automatically include the perfect preset icons for your links to make visual navigation fast and easy for most platforms.

Showcase New Content

Embed songs, videos, and playlists right on your page to showcase your best or most recent content. We automatically detect your link type and beautifully display just the right player whether it’s a video, playlist, album, or your latest single. You can embed content from YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Facebook, TikTok, Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, TIDAL, Audiomack, Beatport, BeatStars, Linkfire, TuneIn, and more. You can check out all the available embeds on our Extensions page.

Connect with your audience better than ever before with a suite of powerful bio link tools

Allow Visitors To Pre-Save Your Music

With the Linkfire embed you can easily share all the platforms your music is on in one player as well as offer your visitors the ability to pre-save your music before it is released. To use this feature you must also have a Linkfire account.

Share Upcoming Tour Dates

With the BandsInTown embed you can easily share your up to date tour schedule and allow your page visitors to RSVP, buy tickets, and request shows.

Understand Your Audience

Our analytics allow you to measure your traffic by tracking page views and link clicks on your page. With these insights you’ll be able to adjust your page layout and make other strategic release decisions based on what platform people are visiting most.

You can take your analytics to the next level by adding a Facebook Pixel to track and retarget your visitors for marketing based on their views to your page and specific link clicks.

Build Your Email List

Capture email addresses from your visitors with an easy one field sign up form. Emails collected from your page go directly to your selected Mailchimp list where you can set up newsletters and drip automations.

Schedule Releases

You can publish and remove links from your page automatically at a specific time using the scheduled link feature. This is perfect for hyping up merch drops, ticket sales, and new music releases.

Album Artwork

Show fans your album artwork as the link icon by adding custom thumbnails to links. You can crop and resize the icons to get just the right image.

On Brand Email

When you’re on the Professional Plan emails sent to “” will be forwarded to your account's email address. Use this as a short public facing email that matches your brand and page. Note that since this is email forwarding and not an inbox, replies will show your normal email address to the recipient.


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