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Use Cases
April 20, 2021

unning multiple bio link pages from one account has helped many users simplify their social media management, but we wanted to expand that capability even further with Collaborator Access. With this feature you can invite another person to edit content and view analytics on each of your pages.

Check out some of the powerful ideas and use cases we have listed if you manage multiple social media accounts, or if you’re sold already you can learn more about how to start adding collaborators from our Help Docs.

Use Cases

While there are many unique cases Collaborator Access can be useful for, here are some of the most common uses across the platform:

Record Labels
Artist Managers
Social Media Mangers/Influencer Managers
Multi-Location Businesses
Esports Teams
Real Estate Firms


Give Collaborators Creative Control

No matter what type of team you have, you can easily create and hand-off pages to your collaborators. Once added, collaborators have creative control to set up their pages with the right content and customize them to fit their own unique style.

As the owner you can review your team's pages at anytime, make adjustments when needed, or implement changes for team wide strategies and coordination.

Analyze Analytics Across Pages

As your team’s collective reach grows you can track each page’s progress with in-depth view and click analytics. These metrics are crucial for understanding what your team's audience is responding to and how to plan your efforts accordingly.


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