Rare Usernames

August 16, 2023

cross the internet, on every social media platform, usernames are our digital personas, the symbols that represent us in cyberspace. As you create your identity in the virtual world on social media, gaming networks, community forums, and hundreds of new spaces it can prove to be a challenge finding a username that is unique to you.

In a place where billions of people are connecting online, securing a one-of-a-kind username that showcases who you are or what your brand stands for is important. Great usernames hold a distinct value in the modern age, like owning a rare artifact. Like a fingerprint, each one is a unique marker that distinguishes the owner among the vast sea of internet users.

So, what makes a username rare? Some usernames build their value over time by being used by an influential figure, such as @champagnepapi for Drake. Some derive value because they are a persons first name or nickname. Others are special due to their length, short, concise words, abbreviations, or acronyms consisting of just a few characters. The last two categories are the most likely to be scarce as they are easier to remember and leave an instant impression.

Owning your own piece of digital real estate can often be driven by the desire to avoid confusion for your audience and misidentification of your page by imposters. Usernames have become a symbol of prestige and accomplishment in some circles and early adopters of new online platforms are often the ones who are able to obtain the most highly sought after handles. So, where does solo.to fit in here.

Rare Usernames on solo.to

At solo.to, we recognize the importance and value usernames provide for our users and, in response, created several features specifically geared toward rare username enthusiasts and collectors. Along with these specialized features, rare usernames have a special verification system that offers exclusive benefits and certifies rarity. As rarity can often be subjective, we developed a criteria for what a rare username consists of on solo.to. Rare usernames must be a first name, a single dictionary word, or four characters or less. Usernames meeting this criteria are eligible for Rare Verification.

Rare Verified Badge

If you’ve ever wanted that elusive checkmark on your social media now is your chance. If your username meets the criteria mentioned above the Rare Verified badge can be requested at solo.to/rare. Once your request has been approved the badge will be added to your page and you’ll unlock all the Rare Verified benefits.

1. Rare Verified Badge

A sleek, minimal checkmark badge will appear next to your display name. This badge verifies you own the username by displaying only when the display name is set to match the username of the page. Use this badge to flex your status publicly.

2. 10 Collection Bag slots

Typically reserved for our higher level plans, the Collection Bag allows you to mange multiple pages under one account. 10 collection slots are included with every rare badge, but can be expanded up to 50.

You can easily move pages between accounts using our internal secure Transfer system.  All Collection pages are able to receive the Rare Verified badge as long as the usernames meet the criteria.

They also have access to animated profile pictures and upgraded analytics. If you want to change which page is your main, they can easily be moved out of your bag to gain access to all the features your plan has to offer.

3. Access to the Rare channels in the solo.to Discord server

Join the community of the other Rare verified users on the platform. Engage in discussions, find people with common interests, or even buy sell and trade solo.to usernames.

Claiming Abandoned Usernames

With most major social platforms, the large majority of rare usernames are either in use or abandoned, never to be released to public. Not solo.to, in an effort to make sure the best usernames are maximizing their potential we allow usernames that have been abandoned and forgotten about to be given new life through our claiming system.

Before you worry about your usernames getting claimed, keeping your page from being considered abandoned is straight forward and free. Any page that has content on it and is actively in use is not claimable. If you’re not actively using a page, you can easily secure it by doing at least one of the following things

  1. Upgrading to any paid plan
  2. Listing a valid method of contact such as an email address, Discord, or Telegram.
  3. Linking back to an actively used solo.to page

Now, what constitutes an abandoned page? We look at several factors to determine if a username is abandoned, but the three main indicators are as follows:

  1. Is the page on an upgraded account?
  2. Has the page been created or updated within the last six months?
  3. Is the page set up with working links or a method of contact?

These three indicators can be quickly checked using our API by visiting api.solo.to/{username}, replacing the end part with the intended username. If all of these indicators are false the page is most likely claimable.

To initiate a claim, open the help beacon on any page of the dashboard and send an email with the username you’re interested in claiming. To claim an abandoned username you can either pay a one time fee of $6 or upgrade a new account to any paid plan. Accepted forms of payment for username claims include card, crypto (BTC / ETH / LTC), Cash App, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal.

Users on the Professional Plan will receive a 50% discount on claims, just make sure to mention this at the time of the claim in order to receive the discount.

Once the transaction is complete the username will be released to you in the form of a transfer code that can be accepted using solo.to/transfer.

While the pursuit of a rare username may be an exciting adventure, don’t forget that our digital identity extends far beyond a mere name. It is our actions, interactions, and contributions that ultimately shape who we are in the in the world. Remember that true value lies in the connections we make along the way.

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