Linking your page in the physical world

September 2, 2020

our bio link doesn’t need to just live online. You can include your link on a business card to maximize its effectiveness, print it as a QR code so it’s easily scannable, or link it to your NFC Portal for instant sharing with the people you meet. Check out some of the great ways and reasons to use your link in the physical world below.

NFC Portals

People you meet can tap this sticker with their Apple or Android devices to be instantly directed to your page, no app needed. Many people include this sticker on the back of their phone, but it can be placed anywhere you need a quick access point to your page.

You can order your NFC Portal today with free US shipping from

Business Cards

Better Design

Stop trying to fit social media icons and long URLs on your business card. Keep your business cards sleek and uncluttered by only including one link that gives your new contact everything they need to find you online, contact you, and see your latest content.


If you’ve ever hesitated changing emails or websites because you would be wasting hundreds of printed business cards you’re not alone. By keeping your card simple with your name and link, you will never need to worry about your cards becoming obsolete. Simply update your page with your new contact information, social media, website, and more as needed.

Contact Buttons

We show your contact buttons right at the top of your page so if someone arrives from the link on your business card they will have the option to call, text, or email you depending on your preference with only one tap needed.

QR Codes

QR codes are special bar codes that can be read by the camera app on most modern phones. When you open your phone’s camera and point it at one it will automatically prompt you to open a link.

While is an extremely short link and easy to type in, sometimes scanning a QR code makes more sense. We’ve seen users add QR codes to their merch, so when it’s distributed at their shows people can easily find their page using the camera on their phone. We have also seen QR codes used at the front desk of a business so customers can pull up the check-in link as well as all of their social media channels.

Every URL comes with a custom QR code made just for your link. You can find and download your QR code in the Editor right next to your link. Just click on the QR code icon and you'll be able to download and start sharing it.

You can also use a custom QR code generator which will allow you to not only link your URL, but also to other individual assets such as a video, PDF, virtual business card, your email, or a specific social media profile.


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