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September 9, 2020

hether you’re an OG podcaster or just starting out you know that having your podcast on every platform is important. Luckily these days there are hosting tools like Anchor, Buzzsprout, and Transistor to help you get on all the popular streaming platforms. Even with these tools though, there may still be a gap between you and your followers. At we’re helping fill that gap by directing your fans and followers to their preferred service and even letting them listen right from your page. best podcast bio link

When you use as your bio link for your show’s social media channels your visitors will be able to follow your other social media pages, find you on their favorite streaming service, and listen or watch episodes of your show right from your bio link.

3 tools to help you grow your podcast

1. Links & Social Buttons

You can help visitors find your show by linking to all the streaming platforms where it can be found. When you add links to your podcast from any major podcast streaming service you'll see our preset thumbnail icon pop up automatically giving your users an easy visual way to find their service of choice.

Social Buttons are great for listing all your social media profiles. Your followers can easily find and follow you on the platform they spend the most time on, which means they are more likely to see when you release new content. podcast link examples
2. Embeds

In addition to linking to your podcast you can embed an auto-updating player from Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or TuneIn. This feature will allow your visitors to listen to episodes of your show right from your page. If they want to open your podcast from the app instead they're only one click away with these embeds.

3. Email Capture

Develop a deeper line of communication with your followers by offering them a chance to signup for your email list right on your page. The email addresses automatically go to your Mailchimp list so setup and sending is a breeze, you can even automate email sequences. email capture example
Create a powerful bio link that not only boosts your social media following, but grows your listenership

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