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December 7, 2020

ne of the most powerful platforms musicians can link to from their solo.to page is LÜM. With LÜM you can link visitors to your artist profile, recent tracks you've uploaded, offer exclusive access to your music videos, and much more. With so many independent musicians on solo.to, we wanted to bring attention to an up and coming platform that focuses on creating a closer connection with your fans.

What is LÜM?

Described as the "Home" for independent artists, LÜM allows you to receive direct financial support from your superfans and connect with other creators. Artists using LÜM receive an average of 4x more income per-stream than they do on the other platforms combined.

How It Works

In a move that's important toward artists' monetization of their music and content, LÜM launched virtual gifting – a direct-to-artist financial support system. You are able to use LÜM as a hub for your fans to experience all of your content while simultaneously receiving support through Notes – the in-app currency that powers the virtual gifting system. Each Note on LÜM is worth more than the per-stream royalty payout on the majority of music streaming services.

More Than Just Music Streaming...

In addition to the ability to receive direct financial support as an artist, you can use LÜM to do the following:

1. Promote your music, videos, photos and more
2. Connect one-on-one with your fans
3. Collaborate with other creators
4. Upload unlimited music for free, no distributors needed
5. Participate in exclusive challenges for Notes and exposure
Visit LÜM to check it out for yourself!

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